Property Management

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windsong3Michigan Asset Group LLC has built a reputation for efficient and reliable property management. To assure smooth running properties, our company operates under strict standards which property owners have come to rely on.  As a full-service property management company, with years of experience in the industry, we take pride in providing peace of mind to our clients.

Successful property management can be a complicated industry; however, the Michigan Asset Group LLC employs team members skilled in accounting, legal compliance and routine maintenance, just to name a few.  We are a team of professionals ready to assist property owners in all areas. Michigan Asset Group LLC ensures the smooth management of your property by performing:

  • Interior Duties:  provide 24/7 emergency service for you and our residents when needed. In addition, inspections are performed to ensure building compliance with current industry standards and codes.
  • Exterior Duties: Michigan Asset Group LLC will maintain the condition of your exterior; garbage and recycling removal, mowing, swimming pool maintenance as well as other grounds keeping services.
  • Critical Supervision:  We provide a representative during the residents move in or move out procedures to protect your interests. Our staff is present at all time to eliminate property damage during the transition and/or obtain correct compensation for any unexpected incidents.
  • Aiding with Large Repair projects: Our long-standing reputation assures the Michigan Asset Group LLC has many connections with interconnected industries. We provide referrals for any major repairs and can perform oversight until the project completion.

The above-mentioned services are included in the basic property management package; however, the Michigan Asset Group LLC also provides Tenant/ Landlord Services, payments and record-keeping services. Please see the corresponding pages for further information.